Eat Right Catering SoHo HK

Believing that the ‘pleasure of eating out should not come at the expense of eating well,- the chefs and nutritional experts at Eat Right offer healthy and conscious yet tasty food choices using only wholesome and organic ingredients. Most dishes on their menu are labelled with a calorie count, ensuring you can pick the right food (or daily calorie count) for yourself. Roasted lamb racks (S 2SS )with stuffed artichokes, pistou, caramelized garlic & jus nicoise may be what you want to try there. They also offer the Eat Right Food Programme, where meals are tailor-made and delivered to the door. If you’re quite the busy bee, opt for the Office Heavy Hitter package, which includes three meals and two snacks, delivered daily to your desk during the week.
The pace of the ordinary fast Hongkong living make is not always get the best or what we really deserves when it comes to quality meals so nutritious that it helps us lift forward our fitness potential.


Staunton Street Central Soho

Eat Right

Established in 2006, Eat Right is a restaurant located on Staunton Street, in the heart of Soho, Hong Kong. We are dedicated to healthy organic eating that’s full of flavour. Our popular menu options include hearty breakfasts, energetic lunches and indulgent nutritious dinners, along with a tempting kids’ menu and a wide variety of tapas for those wanting to graze.

We believe that the pleasure of eating out should not come at the expense of eating well, which is why our chefs and nutritional experts work together to create a variety of health conscious dishes to tempt your taste buds. Every meal is created using only fine, fresh, organic food ingredients, ensuring that every bite tastes good and feels great. The Eat Right Programme delivers the fitness food straight home to your door in Hong Kong.


From Spinning to Eat right Lorentsson

After personal trainer Martin Lorentsson discovered his clients weren’t losing weight due to a combination of poor diet and indulgent lifestyles, he decided to establish one of Hong Kong’s first healthy restaurants, Eat Right, on Staunton Street in SoHo in 2006. “You can work out a lot, but 75 per cent of your results are based on the food you eat,” says Lorentsson, 42, who moved to the city 11 years ago.”

“When I realized my clients were eating crap, I asked them:
‘What if I delivered healthy food to you; would you promise to stick with the diet?’” His clients agreed and so, along with the restaurant, Lorentsson also created the Eat Right Food programme, which offers nutritious meals delivered to the delivered to the doorsteps of busy Hongkongers.